“We're all experienced facilitators, and we were all really impressed by how well you lead the session: you read the group, took control, and shared some really useful tools. It was just what I was hoping for.   Thank you very much”  -  Michael Bungay Stainer, Senior Partner at Box of Crayons (fortune 500 corporate training organization) and author

“Donna has been able to finely pinpoint strategies to quickly improve my singing and speaking voice. She is able to communicate her wealth of knowledge on the human voice in a way that is fun, entertaining and memorable.  Over the years, I have greatly enjoyed our sessions together.  She is energizing, creative, and always encouraging.  She cultivates a space where you can grow as an artist and public speaker.  I look forward to our continued work together!”
Sonya Tomas MIR, BSc Psychology - Master's Degree Queen's University


“Donna is Amazing and Fun to Work With!! With her help and expertise my breathing capacity has been greatly enhanced. Now, when I facilitate seminars, I don’t run out of breath while speaking. Her knowledge in the field of voice and specialized techniques taught me how the diaphragm works and how to properly utilize it. By practicing these techniques I can control my breath while speaking for long intervals. I strongly recommend Donna to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking techniques.” 
Anne Hurtubise, President, Emotional Intelligence Corporation  – (Toronto)​

”I went to Donna with the intent of improving my voice – not my singing voice but my speaking one. As an actress, I was finding that the pitch and tone of my voice was not working to my advantage. Donna took me through a series of exercises and right after the first lesson I started to see improvement. She was able to connect my voice with my brain and show me the difference that focus and breath control could make on my voice. Genius! She showed me how singing relates to speaking which in turn relates to character.
She helped me to see, what fifteen years of classical training could not – that the placement of breath and sound are key to a great result!”
Christine Wall - Stage and Television Actress

Voice and Performance Coach

​Singing and Speaking Voice



​​​Achieve more by eliminating hurdles caused by a dis-engaged voice or awkward speaking patterns.

Speaking skills are learned skill.  Learning how to strengthen and enhance your voice in a way that conveys a confident, genuine, and vibrant speaker, who is knowledgeable on the topic, is one of the most empowering and powerful tools of influence available to you at any time or place.   

Non-verbal signals such as the tone quality of your voice and delivery of your message, both verbal and through body language can be enhanced through private voice training.  A high pitch/squeaky voice, an artificial/insincere delivery, speaking too fast, feeling anxiety while speaking or experiencing stage fright will have a negative impact on the listener, regardless of how much preparation went in to the content.  You do not need to be mis-understood because of vocal fry, a soft/lifeless sound, a monotone voice, or a heavy foreign accent that causes you to fumble over your words. 

Improving Your Speaking Skills is as Easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 - Voice Training:

  • Use Your Voice Properly: Maintain a vibrant speaking voice and delivery throughout your entire presentation and during one-on-one conversations.  Put information into action as I guide you through a series of useful drills to speak with a voice that creates greater interest for the listener.
  • Voice Strengthening: Engage your entire voice and correct problems such as hoarseness, a nasal sounding voice, a weak-shy sounding voice, or a tight strained voice.  
  • Preparation and Maintenance: Prepare yourself for speaking by following simple and easy to do guidelines for day-to-day care.

Step 2 - Presentation Delivery:

  • Present your best self through relaxed but confident body language, facial expressions, microphone techniques, and convey genuine enthusiasm to your audience. Present yourself as an authority in your field, with credibility. Build trust with your audience and co-workers. 

Step 3 – Stress-Anxiety Management / Stage Fright:

  • Relaxation: Learn stress management techniques.  Stop triggers that start the fight-or-flight response.  What to do when you lose your momentum during a presentation causing your voice and breathing to become tense.
  • Energizing: Learn how to re-energize yourself in ways that help keep you calm and focused.


  • Foreign Accent Reduction / Pronunciation – Sound More North American. For anyone whose first language is not English, and in many cases, people who speak more than one language, correct English pronunciation can be difficult.  Learning the proper way to use the voice and correct pronunciation together gives people the tools needed to communicate effectively.
  • Accelerated Learning with Educational-Kinesiology – Whole Brain Learning – Improve memory retention and memory recall.  Excellent for those who are susceptible to anxiety/depression/mood issues, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., focus challenges, or anyone wanting the advantages from a whole brain learning experience.  I am Educational-Kinesiology certified.
  • Transgender Voice Transition - Voice Masculinization and Feminization www.transgendervoiceprogram.com

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