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What is a Singing Voice Specialist and how does that make me learn quicker and get more benefits so I sound my best, all the time?

Being a Singing Voice Specialist means I have advanced training related to the health of the voice. It is in addition to a Vocal Coach or Singing Teacher's education. It gives you the opportunity to use the most current vocal techniques and follow voice principles designed by voice doctors. We know much more now about the voice so older methods are no longer considered comprehensive or offer the maximum benefits as current techniques do. Get results easier and faster using this leading edge, holistic and scientifically proven approach!

Your voice is like a fingerprint. A fingerprint is different for each person. No two are exactly the same. I teach you how to bring out the best qualities in "your voice", learning to use your voice properly. It is designed for your artistic growth, streamlining everything so you only do what works best for your specific voice qualities, never doing anything outdated.

Donna Flynn,
Voice and Performance Coach - The Forefront of Voice Training, Author, Singer, Speaker 

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