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Singing - Public Speaking - Transgender Transition - Voice Rehabilitation - Voice Assessment/Diagnostic

1. The most advanced techniques combined with traditional methodologies that give you more ways to reach greater potential faster. Experience the difference in results using a wide range of tools. 

2. This training is about YOU. The authentic qualities in your voice. Bringing out potential you don't even know you have. 

3. This by far is the most powerful training available today. No games or gimmicks. 

Free videos, articles, lesson options, products, student success stories, and events for students to participate in.

People show up at my office with more than just goals. They show up with dreams for their future, be it career or simply to find their inner joy. I take my role in that seriously. 

Your options for expanding vocally by using my approach are many because my background is very different from other coaches. In addition to my training as a singing vocal coach, I also have training similar to a voice doctor and speech language pathologist making everything I do leading edge and far more powerful than using the older methodologies only. The older methodologies are fine but we now know it is very limited and keeps much of the singer's voice un-explored and unheard. Many of the things we thought at one time to be useful are not used because science has proven the restrictions they put on the voice. Also, I work with transgender people to help them transition their voice from one gender to another without sounding artificial. It is a sensitive process but I want to mention that so you can see the extent of what is possible with the human voice in this day and age. It's remarkable! 

Call me today at 416-436-8063 to get started.  One lesson with me is like ten somewhere else. Don't miss out on this extraordinary training opportunity. 

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Original website ww.vocalcoach.ca and 

www.transgendervoiceprogram.com still available to serve you best 


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